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Digital Books

  1. BookFlix Setup - Public Libraries

    Only public libraries may request BookFlix local setup. Local statistics will be provided monthly after setup. Questions about this... More…

  2. Digital Library Book Request

    Please fill out the information below. If a title cannot be purchased you will be notified. Please realize some publishers are still... More…

  1. Britannica Collective Setup - Schools

    Recommended for schools. In-house, direct access to Britannica Collective. Allows you to link directly to a book and use MARC records... More…

Kansas Library eCard

  1. Card renewal and forgotten access form
  2. State of Kansas Employee eCard Registration

    We will use the following information to confirm applicants are Kansas state employees eligible for online eCard Registration.

  1. Need your library administrator login?

Online Forms

  1. Sign Up For Journal Alerts for State Agency Employees

    Would you like to automatically receive the table of contents of favorite journals delivered to your work email as soon as it's... More…

Reader's Advisory

  1. Reader's Advisory

    Click here to fill out a form and we'll send you a personalized reading list based upon your favorite authors, genres and titles.

Talking Books

  1. Talking Books Art Submission

    Submit your work for a traveling patron art show to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Kansas Talking Books

  1. Talking Books Financial Report


  1. Request Training for State of Kansas Agency Employees

    The library offers training in the use of library information products, tools, and services. Instruction is offered at no cost to state... More…