Join KICNET (Statewide ILL System)

To participate in KICNET, an application must be filled out and the following criteria must be met:

  • Library must sign and submit the KICNET Membership Agreement. New accounts will not be approved, or system account permissions activated for training, until the agreement is signed and on file at the State Library of Kansas. Failure to renew the agreement (bi-annually) or abide by its terms will jeopardize a library's license to participate in KICNET. Agreement also obligates your library to add new holdings to the Kansas Library Catalog (KLC), state your lending policies in the KICNET Participant Record, and lend materials.
  • Complete and submit an ILL Annual Activity Report (public libraries, this is now a part of the Public Library Survey).
  • Library must have internet access and an appropriate web browser in order to use SHAREit (the system that manages all ILL lending & borrowing).

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