Statistics & Reporting

ILL Annual Activity Report

View the ILL Annual Activity Report for non-public libraries (public libraries submit theirs as part of their Public Library Survey).

Past Years' ILL Statistics

Posted on the Kansas Government Information Online Library, back to 1978.

ILL Reporting Guidelines

  1. Statistics are collected on an annual, calendar year (January-December) basis.
    • Libraries whose operating year is other than a calendar year (schools and academics, for example) may submit two semi-annual reports (July-December and January-June), if they wish, as long as the reports are clearly marked with the time period covered.
    • Public libraries will submit their ILL Annual Activity Report along with their Kansas Public Library Service Surveys; all other libraries should fill out the online form (above) before March 1.
  2. Statistics are collected from all public and academic libraries and from school and special libraries that meet at least one of the following criteria:
    • Are members of OCLC and/or KICNET
    • Receive LSTA or other grants from the State Library
    • Sign the KIC Membership Agreement
    If you are unsure whether or not your library needs to submit ILL statistics, please contact Nikki Hansen via email or by calling 800-432-3919.

  3. Libraries that share common governance (such as county libraries with branches, or school libraries within the same district) should submit statistics as follows:
    • If ILL is handled through a central location (such as a district media center), one report for the entire group should be sent. Transactions between individual libraries within the group do not count as ILL.
    • If each library handles their own ILL, each should submit a report, but should not include transactions with other libraries within the group.
  4. Rental transactions (such as through Heritage Quest) should not be counted as ILL. Rule of thumb: if the request is made via a standard ILL mechanism (ALA forms, OCLC, or KICNET) it is an ILL; if the lending agency uses something else, the transaction is not an ILL.

  5. Requests for multiple copies of a single title for book clubs should be counted per request, not per item received. If you order a multi-copy set from a single library, count one transaction. If you have to submit multiple requests to get the number of copies needed, count each request as a transaction.

  6. Bulk loans (such as rotating collections from a regional system) do not count as ILL.
  7. Renewals of material do not count as ILL.

If you have any questions about how to count or submit your ILL statistics, please contact Nikki Hansen via email or by calling 800-432-3919.