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Through the EveryoneOn initiative, people can learn how to do "one thing better online."

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Promoting this National Initiative

Librarians are encouraged to use the resources and tools available within the EveryoneOn Online Toolkit!


  • Primary objective: to promote the importance of digital literacy skills and motivate individuals and families to access free community resources and training
  • Target audience: the digital "newbie" ‐ people who are 23 years of age or older who are limited or non-Internet users
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On March 21, 2013, a three-year national public service campaign to promote digital literacy launched. The Ad Council campaign is called EveryoneOn. The key message is to encourage people who are limited or non-Internet users, to learn how to do "one thing better online." Public libraries are key to the success of this effort because of their demonstrated commitment to providing free access to the Internet as well as to improving people's skills (e.g. using a mouse, applying for jobs online, or creating email accounts).

EveryoneOn is designed to raise awareness of the importance of digital literacy skills, which libraries have embraced for years. This is a great opportunity to promote public libraries as a trusted and valuable provider of free public access technology and training as we strive to build stronger communities.


EveryoneOn is a national campaign powered by Connect2Compete (C2C), a national nonprofit organization bringing together leaders from communities, the private sector, and leading foundations.

Connect2Compete, the organization leading the campaign efforts, will help Americans access technology through three offers: free digital literacy training, discounted high-speed Internet, and low-cost computers.

Watch the below video featuring Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski highlighting the role of libraries in connecting individuals to digital literacy skills.

Locator Tool

Note to Kansas librarians: You may see requests from Connect2Compete or EveryoneOn asking individual libraries to supply contact and digital literacy training information. Please know that the State Library of Kansas has supplied this information on behalf of every public library in Kansas and should be populated soon. This information was taken from your responses on the 2012 Kansas Public Library Survey.

The success of the EveryoneOn campaign will be grounded in the ability to connect people to free digital literacy training in their community by using zip codes to identify locations near them. The locator tool includes the following types of information:
  • Availability of free digital literacy training (Y/N)
  • Free Wi-Fi available (Y/N)
  • Number of computer workstations available to the public
  • Skill levels taught - Basic, Intermediate (mouse and keyboard required), Advanced
  • Training course information or link to an online calendar of classes, if available
  • Training target audience (Child, Youth, Adult, Senior, All)
  • Types of training offered (Online self-paced, one-on-one, scheduled classes)


Initially, campaign materials will be produced in English and Spanish. However, the Ad Council also wants to hear what other languages would be valuable in local communities.

Much of the campaign collateral material provided through the EveryoneOn toolkit features an empty space where libraries can fill in their local information for training locations, contact info, dates, press releases, local grant templates, and community and media outreach. These customizable files will be available for download from the EveryoneOn site. Specific instructions on how to do this will be provided.

Premium materials (EveryoneOn branded pens, hats, t‐shirts, balloons, mouse pads, etc.) will be developed and a finite amount will be made available for free for EveryoneOn events, after which on‐demand orders will be available at the local partner's expense. A cost sheet with examples of the premium collateral will be available through the online toolkit.