New to Kansas Libraries

Are you new to Kansas libraries, or have you taken a new leadership role in your organization? Let us help you learn about or review the resources we have to help you best serve your community. This page is full of links and tutorials to help break down all of the information available. 

If you still need help finding something or have questions, please reach out to your regional office or send us a message at

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Courier Services - Kansas Library Express (KLE), the Kansas interlibrary courier service, provides library users with rapid and direct access to library resources. Kansas Library Express connects more than 350 libraries throughout Kansas with a convenient and cost effective delivery service that expands the ability of libraries to readily share their collections for the benefit of library users.

Digital Book Lending -  The State Library of Kansas works with Kansas libraries to provide digital library books for all residents, which includes downloadable audiobooks and eBooks. Most require a Kansas Library eCard for use. You can find statistics on digital book usage here. Some vendors can provide local stats specific to your individual library/school.  

Interlibrary Loan - Interlibrary loan (ILL) is the practice of sharing materials between libraries. Since individual libraries can't possibly purchase all the materials that their local users might need, ILL makes it possible to request those materials from other libraries.

Kansas Library eCard  - This is the card that most Kansans need and can be obtained at any public, school, or academic library in Kansas.  It provides access to digital materials available to all Kansas residents (ebooks/audiobooks, research databases).  It is not so much a "card" as it is a login for online materials.  If you need the credentials for you Library to issue , renew or create cards,  fill out this form

Kansas Public Library Handbook - This is a guide for librarians, trustees and friends of Kansas public libraries to find answers to questions and relevant information for conducting library business. 

Listserv - Join email lists for current information, training and networking opportunities. Lists are oriented to specific areas of service (ie: school, public, academic)

Online Resources- The State Library of Kansas contracts with vendors to provide statewide access to database materials. Access to most resources is available without sign in through IP (internet protocol) authentication. If links are not working, they can be accessed by logging in with a Kansas Library eCard. You can find statistics on statewide database usage here. Some vendors can provide local stats specific to your individual library/school. 

Other Library Organizations- These are some other helpful resources to explore. 

  • KLA - Kansas Library Association
  • ALA - American Library Association
  • SLIM - Emporia State University "School of Library and Information Management"

Regional Library Systems  - Kansas regional library systems were established in 1965 as agents of support for local public libraries. The primary goals were, and remain, the improvement of existing library services and programs and the extension of library service to areas where it was previously unavailable. Each system has a Library Consultant that can be your go to resource.

State Library of Kansas

We have a physical library located on the 3rd floor of the State Capitol Building (Topeka, KS). We also have our digital collections that are available at no cost to all Kansas residents. The State Library has 3 major departments: Kansas Talking Books, Statewide Services, and Reference

  • Kansas Talking Books provides access to reading materials for users that have a reading disability. These users may be vision impaired or have a physical challenge that provides a barrier to accessing traditional print materials. Learn more about Talking Books and how to help get services for applicable residents here. 
  • Statewide Services provides access to digital reading materials, databases and other learning tools.
  • Reference provides research assistance on legislative questions and general inquiries for the public as well as librarians, state employees and legislators. We have a Ask A Librarian chat line available M-F 8-5 for anyone (Librarians and/or patrons) to use. 
  • We also have Technical Services staff in our reference department that catalog and digitize some of our collection for inclusion in our Kansas Government Information database (KGI). 

Training and Continuing Education - Check the calendar for monthly opportunities to learn about Statewide Resources or attend webinars on library related topics. A list is compiled and sent on the KanLib listserv (see above) each month. 

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