What is it?

An eBook and audiobook service containing fiction and nonfiction from larger publishers and larger-name authors.

All functions from searching, checkout, to reading can be done inside the software/app. You need a Kansas Library eCard to login to the app or software.

Help & Questions

  1. We are available Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.

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    Phone: 785-296-2146



cloudLibrary now includes audiobooks! Click here to learn more.

Text instructions begin with account creation and software setup, then progress through checking out and using a book. Not sure which version your computer or device is?  See this page.

Ways to Use:
 Compatible with:
Special Notes
iOS - iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
iOS 7 & newer

Android Smartphone & Tablet; Nook Tablets; Newer Chromebooks
Android version 5.0 & newer
Nook HD & newer
Nook Color & original Nook Tablet - B&N no longer has an app store. Use the Computer Use & Transfer information below.  If you had installed cloudLibrary before the end of the app store, see these notes
Kindle Fire
Fire OS version 5.0 & newer
Also for Android devices that do not have the Google Play Store.
Computer Use &Transfer to an eReader
Windows 7 & newer,
Mac OSX 6.x & newer
Read online or transfer to standard eReaders like the Nook or Kobo. Only device not compatible is the Kindle.
Chromebook   Please realize this is the first released version of the app. If your Chromebook is older or does not work well with the app, please see next option for all device types.
 Online Reader
Any device with a web browser.
Works on any device with a web browser, including Windows phone and older Chromebooks.

cloudLibrary User Guides

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