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About: History Reference Center is an EBSCO product, which obviously is about history topics.  This database was promoted with a presidential election article series in October 2016, see blog post.  President banner below was made for this highlight, could be used for Presidents Day as well.

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History Reference Center houses journal articles, primary source documents, and reference materials. While you can search the database as normal, the Browse feature on the homepage is a great way to pick a topic for a research paper or just to quickly learn about an era. Choose a main section (U.S. or World) then a time period to view important events, issues, and people during that time. Each item on the list will take you to a package of materials on the topic. 

Direct link to database (use exact): http://kslib.info/history

Printables - see EBSCO's History Reference Center promo page for a few more materials, including a lesson plan for WII and Common Core alignment.
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