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  • Makerspace Resources: A webpage full of resources for libraries wanting to incorporate their new 3D printers into a Makerspace, or create a new Makerspace focusing on the 3D printer. 
​DittoPro Quick Start Guide & User Manual

Tinkerine U Tutorials (and maintenance tips!)

DittoPro 3D Printer Specifications

3D Printer Grant Fact Sheet
  • General LSTA grant policies
  • Information about training
  • Individual library responsibilities
  • Links to download software
  • Information about monthly reporting
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  • Complete your library's MONTHLY STATISTICS report after the first day of the following month by completing this survey. *A printable copy is available below for reference.
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  • *Note: Submit survey results online via SurveyMonkey. Printable survey is just for your own purposes. See 'SurveyMonkey survey link' above.
NEW! 3D Printer Blog post: 3D/DC 2016
"In my just-over two years at ALA, I’ve seen a steady proliferation of stories in popular news and blog outlets about 3D printers being used in libraries to build prototypes of new products and foster engineering and design skills." ~Charlie Wapner