Trustee Core Skills

This program is no longer active. Resources are provided as a reference to those interested.

The Trustee Certification Program was built around five core skills that were identified
by the State Library of Kansas and the Board of the Kansas Library Trustee Association.

The five core skill areas for Kansas public library trustees are:

Core Skill One: Trustees shall be able to employ and supervise a qualified library director
and periodically evaluate the director’s competence.

Core Skill Two: Trustees shall have the skills to enable the library board to function
effectively through good board organization, good documentation and new trustee

Core Skill Three: Trustees shall be knowledgeable about the library’s annual budget and
skilled in advocating for the library’s needs with local government, community leadership
and state government.

Core Skill Four: Trustees shall be capable of assessing and adopting policies that will
result in the effective operation of the library, in accordance with state and local laws and
with full respect for the Library Bill of Rights.

Core Skill Five: Trustees shall facilitate an ongoing process of strategic planning for the
library and will determine their community’s future needs for library facilities, collections
and information access.